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Human Design
Chart Overviews and Coaching

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Human Design Basic Chart Overview 60 min

This is a 60-minute basic chart overview that covers the essentials of Type, Strategy, Authority, and the nine Centers. If you prefer utter simplicity or are on a budget, this might be the perfect fit for your needs.

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Human Design Deeper Chart Overview 90 min

This is a 90-minute chart overview that covers everything in the Basic Overview and then goes deeper looking at Channels, Definition, Profiles, and whatever else is pulled out of me. If you prefer a more complete overview or require an official foundation reading with an IHDS Certified Analyst, this might be the perfect fit for your needs.

Human Design Integration Intensive (Package)

Offering the best value, this package includes a 90-minute chart overview that covers everything in the Deeper Chart Overview PLUS two additional 45-minute sessions to further integrate the material, ask questions, discuss, and get more comfortable in your experiment. If you prefer more robust support and more time to integrate interactively, this might be the perfect fit for your needs.

Coaching by Design

Coaching by Design

Coaching by Design is available to anyone who has already had a Basic or Deeper Chart Overview with me or a reading with another qualified Human Design professional, and who has been actively experimenting with their design for a minimum of one to three months. These sessions are customized to your needs and are meant to be fun, engaging and interactive. Geared towards supporting your deconditioning process, they can help deepen your awareness, illustrate concepts in a relatable and potentially new light, and leave you with valuable nuggets of insight for further empowerment.


  • Single Session 60 min

  • Single Session 90 min

  • 3x60 min Package

  • 6x60 min Package

Custom packages available by request

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Chart Overviews & Coaching are conducted online using Zoom video conferencing, which requires access to a computer or tablet with microphone, video camera, and a strong internet connection. With consent I provide a recording of the session in audio & video format for further review. Accurate birth data, including accurate birth time and location is needed for me to provide these services.

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Human Design Leverage for Coaches

Are you a professional in the coaching industry and wish you could bring the gift of Human Design to your clients individually and/or by way of one of your signature programs without having to become a certified Human Design professional yourself? If so, let’s chat and see how I can leverage your success with my skillset, co-creating a custom offering to suit your needs and those of your clients.

“Melanie unexpectedly came into my life through a presentation via YouTube. I was on there one day looking for something else and I glanced over to the list of vids, and there a title popped out and grabbed hold of me!

I watched it and reached out a couple of days later, and a date was set for a reading. The session blew my mind! Melanie asked me great questions and guided me on a journey that led deep me into my design.

I was finally given permission to be me, and encouraged to experiment and play with this information. In such a short period of time since my reading, I’m seeing things differently and showing up in my life differently which isn’t easy but essential.

I’m so grateful for Melanie’s presence in the world; her presentations on YouTube, her own personal work, our session together and support she has given me.”

Shannon Emery (Service: Personal Chart Overview)

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