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Discover the freedom & fulfillment of being YOU!

Human Design is by far the most practical, transformative, and rewarding body of knowledge I have ever encountered in over two decades in the field of holistic health. Though already well into adulthood when it found me, there is no other way to describe it than it being the missing piece of the puzzle, the simple yet epic instruction manual I wished I’d been given at birth in order to navigate this crazy reality and to live out the life that was truly meant for me.

While there are multitudes of so-called experts out there with much well-meaning advice, we are not all here for the same things, nor is it natural for us to move through the world in the same way, nor is what we can trust to make healthy decisions a one-size-fits-all. It is unbelievable how much is offered in the guise of uniqueness that is actually a stealth homogenizing force, conditioning us to strive to become that which might be diametrically opposed to our true nature, creating unnecessary resistance, suffering, and self-loathing.

Human Design

Do you attempt to resolve your problems or to manifest the life you think you want with the mind?

As attractive and as trendy as that may be, according to the original teachings of Ra Uru Hu, that is not what the mind is meant for. While it can be a great asset when it comes to measurement and comparison, when used to make decisions about ourselves and about our life we will inevitably encounter resistance in the experience or in the outcome, and can even lose ourselves completely in chasing a homogenized ideal, living out a life that is not really ours. Anger, frustration, bitterness, and disappointment are not something to bypass or to transcend. They are our most powerful allies in reorienting us to our true nature when we get off track, when we swim against the current of our natural law of gravity and strive to live out someone else’s movie. When aligned to the way we’re meant to move through the world and when allowing our decisions to unfold from the right place by design, the mind can be an extraordinary, brilliant gem for others. Being in touch with what is fiercely, authentically who we are holds the potential for us to provide a unique, differentiated perspective with tremendous value to others.

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Human Design allows you to...

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See for yourself the contrasting map of your true nature versus the persona you’re conditioned to live out, to see what it is that you broadcast uniquely into the world

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Blue Star

Navigate reality and relationships in a whole new way, flowing with life freely instead of meeting resistance time and time again

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Blue Star

Discover the magic of your unique trajectory, to stop being a backseat driver trying to engineer your reality, steering towards whatever it is you think you want and away from what you think you want to avoid

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Blue Star

Master your personal law of gravity and allow your decisions to unfold from the right place, recognize the frequency of alignment unique TO YOU, and be autonomous in your ability to reorient when you get off-track

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Human Design Offerings

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Human Design Readings and Coaching

Whether consulting with me privately, in partnership, as a family, or as a group, every session with me is customized to your needs and is meant to be fun, practical, interactive, and rewarding.

  • ​Foundation Reading

  • Foundation Intensive

  • Partnership Reading

  • Partnership Package

  • Coaching by Design (Individuals, Partnerships, Families, Groups)

Living Your Design Awakening Experience

Interactive and rewarding, Living Your Design is the first of three foundation classes offered by professional guides certified by the International Human Design School (IHDS). Though it is the gateway to further education and certification with the only officially recognized international school, it is truly an awakening experience that caters first and foremost to the personal development of whoever takes the class, whether or not they ever choose to go on to take other classes.

  • 8-10 Week Online

  • 2-Day Intensive

  • Customized Private Class

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Human Design Package 3_edited.png

Human Design Leveraging for Coaches

Are you a professional in the coaching industry and wish you could bring the gift of Human Design to your clients individually and/or by way of one of your signature programs without having to become a certified Human Design professional yourself? If so, let’s chat and see how I can leverage your success with my skillset, co-creating a custom offering to suit your needs and those of your clients.

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“I met Melanie when we were both taking Foundational Human Design classes and I recognized her wisdom and brilliance early on. After a recent interaction online, it inspired me to invite her guidance in a situation.

To have Melanie’s focus on you feels like coming in from a freezing snowy wet day, she points to her cozy chair by the fire, she hands you a blanket along with her special tea, and then proceeds to have a conversation with you about all of the likely demons and frustrations that were running through your mind while you were outside feeling miserable and cold. One by one, they are seen and released to free up more space to feel a sense of relief and become receptive to more of the goodness she is offering. She does all this with empathy, descriptive analogies, and the wisdom of her experience and Human Design knowledge. 

I highly recommend a session with Melanie if you’re looking for practical insights.”

- Ninna Amora (Service: Coaching by Design)

  • What details do you need in order to work with my Human Design?
    Whether coming to see me for a Personal Chart Overview, Coaching by Design, or enrolling in one of my Living Your Design offerings, I will require accurate birth data to generate your BodyGraph, including your: BIRTH DATE (month, day, year) BIRTH TIME (accurate birth time in AM or PM, down to the minute if possible) BIRTH LOCATION (city & country) An exact birth time is required to run an accurate chart, as sometimes even a few minutes can dramatically alter the results and provide false information. Ideally, you can gain access to your birth time from a birth certificate, hospital bracelet, or baby book. If you cannot get your birth time from one of those sources but were born at a hospital, you should be able to request it easily enough from the archives department of your birth hospital. Many of my clients have had success with hospital archives but it can take several weeks to obtain the information. If none of the above is possible, I would suggest connecting with an astrologer who specializes in the science of chart rectification.
  • Is Human Design the same thing as astrology?
    Although one’s birth data is required to calculate a Human Design BodyGraph, and while the inner ring of the Human Design Mandala is a 360-degree circle displaying the twelve signs of the Western Zodiac, it is not astrology! The Human Design System contains elements of several ancient esoteric systems such as Astrology, the Chinese I ‘Ching, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakras and The Tree of Life from the Zohari Kabbalist tradition and elements of several exoteric contemporary disciplines such as Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Genetics and Biochemistry… and yet, it is none of those things… it is a SYNTHESIS - a synthesis that reveals our differentiation as unique human beings as well as the ways in which we are conditioned away from our true nature, providing us with a logical, practical framework to experiment with in order to navigate life with greater ease and fulfillment. The use of two distinct yet juxtaposed sets of data is also something that distinguishes the Human Design System from traditional astrology. Human Design is rooted in the premise that we are a BINARY CONSCIOUSNESS and there are a total of 26 activations considered in one’s overall design. 13 activations are CONSCIOUS, representing the PERSONALITY, derived from one’s actual birth data, and 13 activations are UNCONSCIOUS, representing the FORM, derived from a calculation of 88 degrees of solar arc before the moment of birth, which is equivalent to roughly 3 months before one is born. Though these two sets of data are very different, they are juxtaposed and held together as a quantum for the duration of one’s incarnation. Not only is the contrast of conscious/unconscious considered in Human Design, but also the contrast between what it is we are uniquely configured to broadcast (NATURE - what makes us different) and what it is that we are uniquely configured to take in (NURTURE - how we are homogenized and conditioned, and yet what also represents our deepest wisdom potential). As with astrology, Human Design allows us to track the transits of the planets as they move through the sky. However, with Human Design, transit-tracking is not used for making predictions but rather serves as a tool to help deepen our awareness as to who we are and who we are not, honing our ability to stay in alignment in spite of the “cosmic weather”.
  • Will it be easy to put what I learn about my design into practice?
    Here’s what Ra Uru Hu himself had to say about that (3-minute clip):

Human Design FAQs

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