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Living Your Design Awakening Experience

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Interactive and rewarding, Living Your Design is the first of three foundation classes offered by professional guides certified by the International Human Design School (IHDS). Though it is the gateway to further education and certification with the only officially recognized international school, it is truly an awakening experience which caters first and foremost to the personal development of whoever takes the class, whether or not they ever choose to go on to take other classes. 

Like anything else, Human Design information can be nothing but mind candy, and the bottom line is that without putting theory into practice, it is utterly useless. Human Design knowledge is meant to be practical above all, and its validity can only be proven to the consistent experimenter over time. Living Your Design takes a casual interest in Human Design to a place of getting serious about actually living one’s design.

In addition to the benefits Living Your Design offers in deepening one’s experiment, it expands one's knowledge base substantially. Equipped with the following, you will have everything you need to start experimenting with your design and test out the validity of this practical knowledge for yourself!

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Living Your Design Curriculum:


  • Inner Authority vs. Outer Authority

  • The different Authorities (inside the body or personal process)

  • How to honor your Authority

Type & Aura

  • The four Types and their respective Auric Frequency

  • The Strategy of each Type and how to align with it

  • The way in which each Type is designed to interact with others

The Nine Centers of the BodyGraph

  • The Biological Correlation of each Center

  • Defined, Undefined, and Open Centers

  • How you affect others and how others affect you

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Living Your Design Benefits:

  • Exploring the unique configuration of your own design in relationship to others

  • Cultivating deeper awareness in your personal process

  • Starting to release years of conditioning in a whole new way

  • Allowing decisions to unfold from a new place

  • Leveling-up in your communication and interactions

  • Coming home deeply to yourself as a sovereign being

  • Navigating the upcoming Global Cycle Shift with greater ease

Do it Your Way!

One of the most brilliant aspects of Living Your Design is that the curriculum is conducive to being shared in a variety of ways. Depending on personal preference and what is being offered, you could opt for a live or online two-day group intensive, 8–10-week online group class, or even set up a customized private class according to your needs and schedule.

Would you like to know about my upcoming Living Your Design offerings? If so, you may either sign up for my newsletter to stay in the loop, or contact me directly.

Let’s create your curriculum!

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“I registered for Melanie’s Living Your Design 9-week course thinking I would get the basics but I received so much more! Melanie’s material was extensive and very well organized into bite-size chunks. Melanie definitely overdelivered which is always so refreshing in these times. She patiently answered all of our questions and explained things in a simple way, using different examples from life to express her point. I learned a lot about myself and those in my world by understanding the centers and how they interact within our world. It is a game changer and life enhancer. I recommend Melanie to everyone who is interested in living their design.”

Sherry Nash (9-Week Online Living Your Design for Projectors)

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“I had the opportunity to attend LYD Intensive Sussex with Melanie Halpert. It's been a few years since I started experimenting with Human Design and I was looking forward to learning more. Melanie filled in many gaps for me in my understanding of Human Design and her format and approach to teaching the class really resonated with me. The information was presented in an organized way with great visuals and just enough storytelling, giving us real-life examples. I also appreciated being able to share my own experiences and learn from others in the group. The venue was great. I felt comfortable bringing my own chair and whatever else I needed to make the learning environment suit my needs.”

Elaine Shannon (Living Your Design Live Weekend Intensive in Sussex, NB)

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