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Healing What Ails Us


There is no question about it - pain and discomfort sucks on any level, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or otherwise. What with making life more difficult and less enjoyable, it’s only natural that when we suffer, we want whatever ails us to go away and to stay away permanently.

While there is never any guarantee that we will heal, and while we can’t blame or judge ourselves when we don’t, what I’ve discovered in more than two decades in the field of holistic health, both from personal experience and from working with hundreds of clients, is that a few key concepts can often support our healing journey in ways we might have never anticipated.

Our innate cellular intelligence

First and foremost, each and every one of us carries an innate cellular intelligence and self-healing capacity. Consider this: if we cut our finger, most of the time we don’t give it much thought as to whether or not it will heal. Nor do we give much thought to the thousands upon thousands of complex physiological and psychological functions our 37 trillion cells take care of for us seamlessly when things work as nature intended. However, if we injure ourselves seriously, have chronic pain or are diagnosed with an illness, disorder or disease, it can be hard for us to trust that our organism knows what to do to bring us back online. Despite the obvious innate intelligence we all carry, when persistent or debilitating symptoms show up, we can easily become disillusioned as to how we will ever find relief and resolution.

When protection becomes a prison

Though we’re not all in the same boat and while a vastly wide spectrum of life experiences exists, each and every one of us is exposed to myriad stresses throughout our lives from the womb to the grave. Whether experienced consciously or unconsciously, whether internally generated or externally imposed, whether physical in nature or not, the many pressures exerted on our organism in their various forms can create breakdowns in communication within the body and mind, impacting our health and well-being tremendously.

What I have observed time and time again, is that when faced with a breakdown in communication, in its amazing resilience and adaptability, the body will often try to create a makeshift solution by finding an alternate route. Meaning if it can’t cross the bridge, it’ll go around it, doing whatever it can to bring things back into balance. In trying to bring things back into balance, in trying to heal and protect us via this alternate route, what often occurs is that this “protection” becomes a prison. The very thing that was created in the guise of helping us becomes a hindrance and, in our suffering, we don’t care what’s behind it, we just want it to stop.

Advocating for what seeks expression and re-establishing healthy communication

Treacherous as it can be when this happens, there is a method to the madness. In my explorations as a mechanic for body, mind, and soul, it has become apparent that the “alternate route” taken to get around the breakdown is intelligent too, as the symptoms that present themselves tell a story providing clues to unravel the thread of dis-ease. By way of the body trying to protect us and in the precise way it tries to protect us in its workaround solution, something specific is typically attempting to express itself - there is a message seeking the light of our awareness.

While I can only speak from personal experience and while some things might indeed require formal medical or psychological intervention, what I will say is that the most powerful phenomenon I have witnessed in my many years of practice lies in the act of observation itself. Whether it comes to observing what seeks expression, or observing the links that arise to re-establish healthy communication between the brain, body, and the many facets of someone’s life, this awareness - the very act of observing what is ready to shift - can yield profound and unanticipated results.

Are you struggling with something and looking for a safe, effective, non-invasive method of healing either as a standalone therapy or to complement other modalities? Learn more about my healing services and what clients have had to say about working with me HERE.

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