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Melanie Halpert

Holistic Health & Human Design

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Are you ready for the global cycle shift?

As we stand on the precipice of a major global cycle shift and find ourselves amid an unprecedented time of transformation, our single most valuable asset will be the mastery of the way we manage our individual energy. Each and every one of us has a direct path to alignment and a way to eliminate resistance, no matter how obscured that may be from our conscious awareness.

With a plethora of practical tools to empower one’s way forward, I am here to help those who invite my guidance to release all that is not who they are, to recognize the distinct frequency of healthy alignment, and to thrive in this world as themselves.

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About Me

With a revolutionary approach to wellness and a gift for uncovering what others miss, my ability to reveal blind spots and to repattern elements of dysfunction is unparalleled for those who are ready to step into their life on a whole new level. Rooted in sustainability, my specialty lies in guiding others into alignment with their true nature and to the way they are naturally designed to move through the world with ease. Like a mechanic for body, mind, and soul, I get under the hood to iron things out in service of one’s ultimate well-being and greatest potential.

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Benefits of My Guidance

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Releasing self-defeating patterns and baggage of a lifetime

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Enjoying a healthier and more fulfilling relationship to self and others

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Connecting with who you really are and living the life that is meant for you

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Becoming more aerodynamic and fluid in the way you move through the world

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Whether coming to me for Human Design or for Healing, our synergy in working together creates a powerful container for transformation, allowing you to release whatever is ready to shift, align further to your true nature, and to thrive more fully in this world as yourself.

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Human Design

Align to your true nature and to the way you’re designed to move through the world with ease

Hone in on exactly what it is that you can trust, individually, to make healthy, reliable decisions for yourself, as yourself

Cultivate awareness as to what pulls you out of alignment and discover what you’re here to become wise about this lifetime

Acquire the tools to be autonomous in your ability to reorient when you get off-track

Discover self-love in a way that might have never yet been accessible

Enhance your communication, interaction, and relationships

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Address whatever is ready to shift for your ultimate well-being, whether dealing with something physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual

Connect with an ally who can help decode, translate, and advocate for what has potentially been challenging to unravel

Be deeply nurtured, seen and heard, give yourself the gift of individualized care and attention

Unburden to experience relief, feel better in your skin and in your life overall

Multiple session formats to choose from: live, online, remotely recorded

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"Melanie's powers of perception are incredible. I have been working with Melanie's remote healing sessions for the past 5+ months, 10+ sessions. I can't express to you how much I appreciate and love her work with me, especially with her knowledge of the Human Design System. If you need someone to help support you to lead yourself to your own perfect expression of you, you can trust Melanie's intuition to guide you to your highest expression of Self. Love,”

Laveena B. Archers

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